ASCE sponsors a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark program as a means of bringing deserved public recognition to historic civil engineering projects, structures, and sites. There are two award categories; National and State awards. The program is described in further detail on the ASCE national website at


The New York State Council of ASCE has established a State award, which will provide wider recognition for historic civil engineering projects, structures, and sites that have already been designated as a Local Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.


The criteria to be applied in reviewing local landmarks is as follows:

1. The nomination must be of statewide historic civil engineering significance. Size or technical complexity of design or construction is not sufficient in itself.

2. The landmark must represent a significant facet of civil engineering history but need not have been designed or constructed by a civil engineer, or one who was identified as a civil engineer.

3. Nominations must have some special uniqueness, such as a first project constructed, oldest project entrant, or have made some significant contribution, such as the first project designed by some method, or on which some unique or significant construction or engineering technique was used. The project itself must have contributed to the development of New York State.

4. The landmark should be generally available to public view.

5. Nominated landmarks should be at least 50 years old at the time of nomination.

6. There should be a suitable place to mount a plaque commemorating the award, which can be viewed by the public.


Nominations for the annual award are made by member sections of the New York State Council. Only one nomination may be made by a section each year.

The award is made by the action of the New York State Council at its spring meeting upon recommendation of the Awards Committee. Any recommendation to the Council must be supported by a majority vote of the Awards Committee. Publicity on the final selection is withheld until Council approval is obtained.

The Awards Committee will carefully study and evaluate the data submitted by the ASCE section making the nomination. It is essential that detailed documentation is provided to support statements made in the nomination.

If a Section’s nomination is approved for designation as a New York State Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the Council, the Section will be expected to collaborate with the Council in planning and executing an award presentation event. Publicity by local and statewide media should be encouraged so that the public is made aware of the award designation.

Projects that have already received national recognition by ASCE will not be considered for the State Award.


Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Committee by March 12th for the previous year ending December 31st. Each nomination must be accompanied by a letter of transmittal and the application form describing how the nominee meets the criteria described above.

Application Form:   New York State Historic Landmark

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