The New York State Council annually recognizes an exemplary civil engineering project as the “Outstanding Civil Engineering Project”.  The award is made annually for an engineering project that best illustrates superior civil engineering skills and represents a significant contribution to civil engineering progress and society. Honoring an overall project rather than an individual, the award recognizes the contributions of many engineers.


Only engineering and construction achievements within the confines of New York State are eligible.


Entries are evaluated based on the following criteria (it is suggested that the nomination follows the topics outlined below):

1. Originality and Innovation

Must demonstrate a new or innovative application of technology, design, materials, process/methods, and construction.

2. Resourcefulness in Planning and Solving Design Challenges

Must describe the complexity of the project and, from an engineering perspective, must show creativity in solving challenges presented.

3. Sustainability Considerations

Must enumerate the ways in which the project addressed environmental, social and economic sustainability issues.

4. Project Planning and Delivery

Must describe how the project team structured financing, adherence to budget and whether or not it met client’s delivery schedule.

5. Contribution to the Well-being of People and Communities, including Aesthetic Value

Must articulate how the project has contributed to the well-being of community members and done so in a pleasing and aesthetic manner.


Nominations for the annual award are made by member sections of the New York State Council. Only one nomination may be made by a section each year. The project does not need to be within the geographical boundary of the nominating section.

Judging will be by the New York State Council Awards Committee.

The award is made by the action of the New York State Council at its spring meeting upon recommendation of the Awards Committee. Any recommendation to the Council must be supported by a majority vote of the Awards Committee. Publicity on the final selection is withheld until Council approval is obtained.

An appropriate bronze plaque, naming the project, is given to the owner of the project for permanent display. The award shall recognize the owner and the individual private sector consultants or teams consisting of private sector engineering firms. The award is given with appropriate ceremony by the Chair of the New York State Council or designated representative. The Section in which a winning project is located will be expected to make arrangements for an award presentation event.

In addition to the winning project, additional outstanding projects may be selected for recognition by an “Award of Merit”.

Only civil engineering projects that are completed and ready for use in a given calendar year are eligible. A project can only be nominated once.


Nominations must be submitted to the Awards Committee by March 12th for those projects completed and open for use by December 31st of the previous year. Each nomination must be accompanied by a letter of transmittal, documentation describing the project generally, and specific information on how the project meets the criteria described above. Supporting documentation should include a digital photograph suitable for publicity purposes. Documentation on projects nominated should look as frankly at project problems, technical and other, as it does at advantages and innovations.

Application Form:   Outstanding Civil Engineering Project

Submit Nomination to:

Awards Committee
New York State ASCE Council