The New York State Council recognizes demonstrated commitment to ongoing and regular Civil Engineering activities consistent with ASCE principles by an ASCE Student Chapter with the presentation of the “Student Chapter Award” to a Student Chapter in the New York State Council Region.


An active ASCE student chapter assigned to one the seven (7) New York State Council Members.  The student chapters that are eligible reside in New York State and assign Candian Provinces.


The annual award is to acknowledge a Student Chapter judged to have the most outstanding record during the academic year preceding the award. The award considers the scope and quality of the general performance of the selected Student Chapter as well as the vitality of student involvement.

The basis of the award involves a review of the annual reports submitted by the Student Chapters. The programs of the Student Chapters, as summarized in their reports, will be judged on the degree to which they contribute to the educational and professional development of the student members. Chapter meetings, field trips, attendance at conferences, presentation of papers, the undertaking of special projects, community service, either locally or campus, and interaction with local professionals are encouraged.


Nominations for the annual award are made by the Student Chapter.

Judging will be by the NYS Council Awards Committee.

The award is made by the action of the New York State Council at its spring meeting upon recommendation of the Awards Committee. Any recommendation to the Council must be supported by a majority vote of the Awards Committee. Publicity on the final selection is withheld until Council approval is obtained.

The award will consist of a framed certificate and $200 to be presented to the officers of the selected Student Chapter at a regular meeting of the local ASCE Section to which the Chapter is assigned. The Student Chapter should provide a digital photograph, suitable for publishing, of the event and develop a write-up for an announcement in the local press.


Nominations (annual report) must be submitted to the Awards Committee by March 12th for the academic year contained in the Annual Report for the fiscal year ending the previous September 30th. Each nomination must be accompanied by letters of recommendation from the Student Chapter faculty advisor, the Section practitioner advisor, and a third person with knowledge of the Chapter’s activities.

Submit Nomination to:

Awards Committee
New York State ASCE Council